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Big Sky Medicare is the liaison between you and the health care industry.
Our experts simplify the health care environment and work alongside you to create the ideal plan.
We Specialize In Four Types of Healthcare Programs:


( Part C ) Private insurance companies acquire the responsibilities of Original Medicare and may provide additional benefits, such as Prescription Drug Coverage, Dental, Vision and Hearing.

( Medigap ) Policies work in conjunction with Original Medicare, helping to pay for health care costs not covered by Original Medicare, and may provide extra benefits


Traditional health plans that pay a percentage of your health care costs, intended for people under 65 that do not qualify for financial assistance


( Obamacare ) The Affordable Care Act providing financial assistance for traditional health plans to individuals & families meeting certain income guidelines


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Our Philosophy

Who We Are:

Big Sky Medicare is a Client Focused, Independent Agency
Founded on Integrity, Transparency & Education
Providing Maximum Value for your Investment
Delivering In-person or On-line solutions

Who You Are:

You Lead a Busy Life & Value Personal Attention
Dedicated To Your Family & Loved Ones
Appreciate a Relationship with a Trusted Advisor
Rely on the Advice of an Industry Expert

Our Promise To You

We Will Treat You Respectfully As a Valued Client
And Will Have a Solution that Meets Your Objective
You Will Understand the Solutions We Create
And We Will Be Resilient Ensuring Your Satisfaction

Big Sky Medicare solutions

We Help Navigate Your Family Decisions

Big Sky Medicare is an independent agency appointed with multiple best-of-class insurance carriers.  We research insurance options to align with our clients needs, rather than push clients into one insurance product.  This Multi-Company approach is vital to our clients, because it changes the perspective from an insurance company sale into understanding the client’s unique situation and creating a solution. And there are no additional fees when using our broker services.  Your plan costs the same, whether you utilize our stewardship or complete all of this research on your own.

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Big Sky Medicare is a Process Oriented Independent Agency.