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We simplify and enhance the relationship between our client’s busy lives and their health care solution.
We are the liaison between you and your health insurance company. We eliminate the frustration and confusion of today’s complicated health care environment. Our clients are free from long waiting periods, automated telephone services, navigating the endless documentation, and bureaucratic rules required to understand in order to determine what is relevant to them. And we view it as our responsibility to maintain a relationship and adapt the plan as health changes occur.
 Health care information and health plans being offered change annually. Our company specializes in that space. The intention of this website is to provide insight, introduce who we are, our methodologies and our commitment to our clients.
Your situation is unique.
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7 Reasons to use Big Sky!

We save you time. You tell us how we can help; whether you need to find a doctor, address change, billing problem, rate increase issue, or coverage question. If we don’t already have an answer for you, we will do the research to find the answer and resolve your problem.

We save you money.  If you put a dollar value on your time, then saving you time will save you money.  Making accurate, informed decisions when dealing with health insurance can also save you money in premiums and health care service costs.

You pay the same monthly insurance premium whether you use our services or go it alone. Wouldn’t you rather have someone on your side who is vested in your satisfaction when dealing with health insurance?

You will have personal service versus anonymous service. You can always have a conversation with us. We have a committed interest in your satisfaction; about your insurance needs versus talking with a stranger every time you call the insurance company.

We have after hours & weekend access. We are available throughout the day, not just a 9am-5pm schedule. During open enrollment, we can be reached from 7am to 10pm. Need a weekend appointment? We work 7 days per week during open enrollment.

You receive brokerage services with independent information. We are contracted with the majority of the top-rated insurance companies.  This means we are not beholden to any one of them.  We provide unbiased insurance solutions and represent you; our client, not the insurance company.  We do the shopping for you.

Our principal agent has 12 years of experience & training. There are many issues and choices that a consumer has to make when dealing with health insurance that requires complete and accurate information.  Much of that information is not readily available or difficult to find in print.  With our knowledge and experience we ensure you make informed decisions.

Meet Your Agency Principal

Our Company mission is to enhance the lives of our clients.

Meet Chris Bearss

When I initially created Big Sky Medicare, I knew the company was more than providing health and financial insurance solutions. The company was bigger than that. It needed to have a positive impact on our clients. So we created methodologies and an ideology to ensure our clients would not only be happy with their decision to work with us, but be proud they were our clients.

If we respectfully help with a family decision, educate someone in an area of need, or simply make you smile and laugh, we hope we have enhanced your life.

The company was founded in Montana and started to grow rapidly. We were invited into Southern California and then Louisiana. We are still working in three regions of the United States and appreciate the breadth and types of the various insurance plans around the United States. This positions us in an ideal situation if a new type of plan is offered in your county or parish in Louisiana.

I first fell in love with San Diego in 1988 when I joined the United States Navy, and served at Point Loma Submarine Base. While serving in the Navy I was fortunate to be able to attend a local community college. With money from the GI bill and a few credits, I was accepted and graduated from the business school at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Our company has great clients, and we know we have made a difference in their life. I intend to continue this work for the next 20 years, and look forward to helping you in our rapidly changing environment.

Thank You for taking the time to look at our website and consider Big Sky as your health care advocate.

Chris Bearss

Review Work History

They last position I had prior to becoming independent, was the privilege of serving over 20 Allstate Agents in multiple states. I aided their clients in making financial, life and health care decisions. It was with Allstate that I realized providing a limited number of insurance solutions were not in the best interest of my clients. I left Allstate to create Big Sky Medicare, an independent agency capable of delivering an unrestrained amount of insurance solutions in today’s marketplace, from the leading best-in-class insurance companies.

I joined 5th/3rd after Wells Fargo acquired my previous investment firm; A.G. Edwards. I decided to transition to a client-focused company concerned with delivering responsible solutions. 5th/3rd Securities required a conservative, value-driven adviser. It was here that I understood the importance of coordinating long term financial planning to build a health care plan that will last throughout my client’s lifetime.

A.G. Edwards provided my initial training and development within the financial services and healthcare insurance industry. Here, I began my study of the financial markets, health care industry and product solutions. A.G. Edwards has an outstanding training and retention program. With the guidance of integrity focused management, I built my initial book of clientele.

As an account manager for Per-Se’ Technologies, I consulted Emergency Room Physician Groups. Part of my responsibility was to provide insight and analysis on their business practices, industry standards and area demographics. This consulting improved doctor group performance and competitive capabilities.

Our Annual Review Process

The LPN Review

Our LPN Review ensures your ongoing and changing health care plan continues to serve your unique situation.  Just as the nurse monitors current patient status, our LPN review monitors your current plan to ensure it delivers on your current situation.

LEVEL OF CARE: We review the Level of Care you are currently receiving for any changes since our last conversation. Any increase or decrease in your recent treatment helps ensure the effectiveness of the plan you are currently enrolled. Monitoring and communicating your care may result in a decrease in your expenses, and eligibility into special programs.

PRICE: We need to know if there is any change in the affordability in the plan you are currently enrolled. If cost becomes an issue, we can review alternative solutions versus the absence of a health care solution.

NAME & NUMBER OF PRESCRIPTIONS: Your prescription requirements have a significant impact on your health care expenses. This impact is expected to increase. Understanding any change in either the number or name of the prescriptions you are currently taking is an essential element of your plan. Reviewing your prescriptions at least annually is highly recommended to control the quality and cost of your current solution.

Become Our Next Client

Once we agree to take a new client into our agency, we apply our FRAME process to determine the optimal health plan suited for their situation.  As our relationship develops, we continue to understand your individual needs and concerns.  We build additional benefits and features to complete your health care program.

Affordability in health planning has become a significant influence in determining the right plan. A brief financial review can establish any potential financial assistance that may be awarded to our clients. This includes premium assistance from federal, state and local programs. There are Medicare Savings Programs, prescription drug help; referred to as “Extra Help” and Special Needs Programs. Some plans even include auxiliary benefits  that may help with home utilities, transportation, vision and dental considerations.

An understanding of your time frame and retirement intentions helps identify if your plan should accommodate travel and a larger physician network. We can also review long term payment strategies and eliminate concerns regarding the ongoing affordability of health care in your senior years.

Age is a primary factor in determining cost of health care in today’s environment, as well as which plans are available to your demographic. Health care premiums tend to increase as we age. Medicare plans typically start at age 65 provided Part A & B are activated. Non-Medicare  health care premiums increase every year.

Any potential health concerns, prescription drug requirements and current medical conditions should be reviewed to determine the optimal health plan. Depending on the type and number of certain medical situations, programs exist to manage these conditions. There are special needs programs to help people with specific diseases or characteristics, and tailor their benefits, provider choices, and drug formularies to best meet the specific needs of the groups they serve.

We do the shopping for you! We complete the application and documentation for you! We follow up with any additional requirements with the insurance company for you! And as a reminder; we are compensated directly from the insurance companies. The cost of your plan is the same whether you do all of the suggested research and plan determination or receive our assistance.

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